"I just want to take a quick second to THANK this talented woman. I randomly found Meredith Guerra online to do the trailer for my short film and it was one of the best decisions I made. She's creative, talented, and super easy to work with. I had a over 5k views, I entered my trailer in Trailer competitions and received recognition for it, and I've been offered distribution and potential movie deals solely based off someone just seeing the trailer. Thank you Meredith 👍🏽🙌🏽"
"Meredith worked for us at Summer House Pictures cutting the trailer for our movie Private Number. She is simply amazing and we don't say that often. Her talents are superior, only to be matched by her dedication, professionalism and how fast she works. She did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is a diamond in this business and would be a great asset to anyone's team."
"Meeting and working with Meredith is one of the best things that happened in my professional life. She has a great positive attitude and is always so happy! She's a free spirit and is very creative. Her ideas and her vision of editing are very inspiring to anybody near her. She is capable of adapting to almost anything and/or anyone, and finds great solutions when needed. She meets deadlines every time without giving in quality and is always eager to participate. She is a real team-player, always ready to share her knowledge. Finally, she's a woman of integrity and is very reliable. She's an amazing editor and more generally, an amazing person. Anyone would be lucky to work with her!"
TXL Films Company Reel
"There is a clarity to Meredith's work that sets her apart from other editors, and I believe it comes from her unwavering commitment to conveying the themes the filmmakers are attempting to explore. What is most powerful, however, is her profound understanding of what makes a great trailer work, and her ability to allow a film to inhabit this condensed arena without losing it's personality or visual style. Meredith is also a wonderful person to work with, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Making a trailer is the first external cut your film experiences and it can be nerve-wracking. Knowing Meredith was listening to my vision with integrity immediately put my mind at ease."
Solitary Official Trailer
"While working with Meredith I quickly discovered she's truly the whole package. She's organized, respectful, creative and has a positive attitude. Meredith is the type that is able to draw out creativity from her teammates and execute the declared vision with success. I saw Meredith time and time again handle herself with ease when pressure was applied due to client indecisiveness. At the end of the day Meredith proved herself more than capable to get the job done and finish with an amazing product."
"Meredith is exceptionally talented at her craft, possessing not only a vast repertoire of editorial techniques, but also the innate and uncanny ability to boil a story down to its essence and then convey that essence to the viewer without spoiling the pay-off. She understands how to tease the viewer, coax him, make him want more. How to pull on his arm and say, "Come on, you're going to want to watch this." Rather than summarizing the movie's plot, Meredith's work summarizes the movie's "feel." She really knows what makes the audience tick. And honestly, she makes this part of my job as producer so much easier."
"I had the pleasure of working with Meredith on the trailer and some behind-the-scenes material for my sci-fi short, EMIT, and I must say, I can't recommend her highly enough. She is very talented, professional, courteous, timely, and most importantly - is immensely creative. She's a wizard at short-form editing, and really has a great eye for cutting. She's also very tech-savvy, knows the programs, has a great eye for graphic design, and is an overall problem-solver. As a director, I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"
"Meredith. Your work on the theatrical trailer for "Hearing is Believing" has achieved a rare and delicate balance of urgency and high craft . Your intuitive choices and flexibility have helped make the story and music of Rachel Flowers the must-see film I've always wanted it to be. You are an editor and filmmaker who knows your business, bringing big storytelling skills to the table."
Hearing Is Believing Official Trailer
"I can't recommend Meredith Guerra highly enough. She is an incredibly talented and insightful creative. Her work is dynamic and her vision outstanding. With Meredith I feel safe in the knowledge that she has both the technical and creative excellence to deliver exactly what I am after. Her passion for her work shines through every project she works on and it is an absolute joy to work with her."
Swim Official Trailer
"Meredith is an absolute joy to work with. Her work ethic is beyond compare. The well of creativity she has is bottomless. There are not enough superlatives to adequately describe the experience of working with her. Always willing to go the extra mile to achieve her clients' vision. I wholeheartedly recommend Meredith to anyone who is looking for a true artist and great friend to work with."
"WOW did we get lucky finding Meredith!! I was completely out of my depth in trying to come up with something for our trailer. She came in and nailed both a full trailer and short barker spot for our VOD and iTunes release which both perfectly capture the film. She's pleasant, hard working and incredibly inventive. Hire her while you can still afford her!!"
"Meredith is very easy to work with. As a client once when you sit down and explain to Meredith your vision she brings it to life. Giving your project the excitement that you need, the focus and the creativity you are looking for. She knows how to capture the essence of your project and show the world. Meredith is one of the most creative individuals that I know. She is committed to any project she takes on, easy to communicate with and over all an amazingly smart and talented woman"
"An actor friendly editor is hard to come by in Los Angeles, but Meredith Guerra is a needle in this concrete haystack. Using her savvy creativity, need for perfection, and good heart, she produces reels that an actor can be proud of without needed to break the bank. With a scarce amount of footage, Meredith’s keen eye helped me create something out of very little and I now have a reel that gets me in the casting room. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "
"Meredith is an extremely passionate editor who never lets a challenge slow her down. She is calm, collected, and knows exactly what is needed to get the job done right, along with an outstanding eye for creativity. Not only does she have an intriguing insight on visual elements but with sound as well, cutting sound effects and blending her music styles has made each project satisfying and extremely enjoyable to work on. I have had the pleasure to work beside Meredith on projects such as Emit, Make Love Not War, and Sunny and RayRay. I only hope to work with her again some day soon."
Faith Hope and Love Theatrical Trailer
"I am writing on behalf of the talented Meredith Guerra to all who make her their concern. This woman is amazing. She's talented, driven, ambitious, and compassionate. As an Editor, her skills are honed to dramatic flare and her passion in all she does shows through her work. Technologically savvy, I've seen her peers come to her for advice more often than anybody else. As a peer, she is humble and helpful, as a superior she is patient and fair. I've seen her wear these hats with strength and finesse. I firmly believe there is nothing she couldn't do when her mind is set."
"Meredith Guerra is a genius. I needed someone to edit a dynamic trailer for my action film THE WONDER DRUG, an action reel, and a commercial reel. Meredith did all three in record time and the finished products are excellent. I have recommended Meredith for other projects before and will gladly do it again. She knows exactly what she is doing!"